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Picture of Marie Somos

Marie Somos

78 South Broadway Nyack, NY 10960
Your Jewelry should be a Unique as You Are!

Marie Perrella Somos grew up in the Jewelry Industry. The Talent and Skills to Design and Manufacture Jewelry has been part of her family since 1917. Both her Uncle and her father were Master Jewelers and Designers. Marie began designing her first piece of Jewelry when she was 10 years old. She gained the Jewelry Expertise needed to Create Fine Jewelry with attention to Quality and Details. When Marie joined the business 32 years ago she meet Kyriakos married and they together created Somos Creations. She still owns and operates both Somos Creations and Charles Perrella Inc.

Kyriakos Somos was an Internationally recognized Designer & Creator of Artistic Jewelry. He was born in Athens, Greece in 1938. He first embraced the Arts by Studying alongside a Sculptor and Wood Carver. He soon moved on to his True Love by apprenticing under a Master Jeweler, Setter and Hand Engraver. While perfecting his skills, he also attended in the evening the Diplarios School of Design in Athens. He devoted over 53 years to the Creations of Fine 18K and Platinum Jewelry as an art form. He was a Designer Model maker, Setter, Hand Engraver and Master Goldsmith. Kyriakos came to New York in 1970 and worked as a Setter and Hand Engraver, until starting his own business in 1979.

The Creative Vision Marie and Kyriakos realized together many years ago moves forward today with Continuity of Design and Fine Detailed Craftsmanship. Between the two of them they have received 31 prestigious Jewelry Awards for design excellence. Including 4 DeBeers Diamonds Awards, The World Gold Council Gold Trends Award, The American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award, The Signity Colored Gemstone Competition, The American Pearl Vision Award and the Platinum Millennium Award.

The DeBeers Winning piece "Star of the 21st Century" has been featured in Alexander McQueens' Couture New York Fashion Show, and on The Today Show, and has been in issues of Harper's Bazaar and Elle Magazine. Their jewelry was featured on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, on Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford in Hope and Faith, on the cover of Claude Mazloum's International book "Jewelry Design in the 21st Century" as well as being a permanent part of the Gemological Institute of Americas Museum.

The Distinctive Designer Collection Combines the Art of Yesterday with the Fashions of Today, While Championing the Timeless Allure of Romance. All of the pieces have a profound emphasis to detail. Purchasing a Somos Creation is investing in a Work of Art to be cherished for Generations.  Truly standing the test of time and spanning all ages.   

They have created pieces for many people all over the world.  Women of all ages and backgrounds from a bride to the Queen of Thailand the Prime Minister of Australia. The collection is for anyone who appreciates classic, romantic, delicate, Old World vintage styling.

The Collection is available at Fine Jewelry Stores throughout the United States.

Call Somos Creations at 800-61-SOMOS





2009 JCK Jewelers Choice Award

2008 JCK Jewelers Choice Award

2003 (2) American Pearl  Vision Awards

2003 DeBeers China BIOTD Campaign

2001 DeBeers Tiawan NY Danger Collection

2001 American Pearl Vision Award

2000 DeBeers Diamonds International Award

2000 First Place World Gold Council Trends Award

2000 Signity Colored Gemstone Award

2000 Platinum Millennium Excellence in Design Award

1999 American Pearl Vision Award

1999 AGTA Spectrum Platinum Award

1998 (3) Platinum Guild Passion Awards

1998 (3) American Pearl Vision Awards

1997 American Pearl Vision Award

1997 AGTA Spectrum Platinum Award

1996 American Pearl Vision Award

1996 first Place, MJSA SAVE Jewelry Design Award

1996 Modern Jeweler Buyers Choice Award

1996 AGTA Spectrum Award

1995 DeBeers Diamonds Today Award

1995 American Pearl Vision Award

1994 (2) AGTA Spectrum Awards

1993 Modern Jeweler Buyers Choice Award

1993 First Place International Platinum Competition


  • 4299/3 Platinum 3 stone ring with saphire center and diamod sides
  • 4303/3 18K yellow gold 3 stone ring with diamond center and ruby sides
  • 4392/3 saphire and diamond  1/2 bezelset - 3stone ring with diamond mellee accented shank
  • 5040 pin
  • 5098 Pendant with amethyst and diamonds
  • 5105
  • 528PS Earring
  • 528PS LD Earrings
  • 528S earrings
  • 528S Pendant
  • 6018pin
  • 6018S pin
  • 6041pin
  • 7051sp
  • 8027A Platinum
  • 8029 Platinum
  • 8030
  • 8042
  • 8043 Side View
  • 8046 two views
  • 9070 18K yelllowgold with .20tw diamonds and Oval Fancy Cut Peridot (2.54)center and
  • 9087 18k set with EC Rhodolite Garnet
  • American Pearl Lady
  • American Pearl Wishing Star
  • Blue Topaz Cuff Links
  • Briolette Amethyst 7053Earrings
  • Briolette Amethyst 7053Pendant
  • Briolette Green Tourmaline 7047Earrings
  • Briolette Green Tourmaline 7048Pendant
  • Chalcedony Platinum Necklace
  • Chrysophase Butterfly
  • Engagement Ring 8041 with 3 center stones
  • Engagement Ring 9013
  • Engagement Ring 9036
  • Engagement Ring 9037B
  • Engagement Ring 9068A
  • Fancy Cut Lemon Citrine
  • Fire Opal Ring
  • Grossular Garnet Pendant
  • Hand Engraved 4299/3 18K yellowgold
  • Hand Engraved 4303 Platinum Ring
  • Hand Engraved 4303W 3MM 7 Stones
  • Hand Engraved 5010 Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 5010 Platinum Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 8027A Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 8043 Halo Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 8046 Halo Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 8047 Platinum Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9017 Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9024A Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9024N Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9024WS Wedding Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9037A Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9037A Platinum Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9064 Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9066 Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9070 Engagement Set
  • Hand Engraved 9099A Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved 9099A Platinum Engagement Ring
  • Hand Engraved Wedding  4305 3MM
  • Hand Engraved Wedding 4305 3.5MM
  • Marquise Rhodolite Garnet 8008DL Ring
  • Oval Rhololite Garnet 8036 Ring
  • Oval Rubelite Tourmaline 8036 Ring
  • Pink Tourmaline 8033 Ring
  • Platinum Frog 5102
  • Platinum Wedding set 9012
  • Radiated Quartz Pendant
  • Red Tourmaline Stick Pin
  • Round Amethyst and Diamond 8036 ring
  • Round Honey Topaz 8006 ring
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved  / Half Bezel 4392
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved 9024/3
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved 9068/3
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved Ring 4303/3
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved Ring with Diamonds Side Heads 9062DH
  • Three Stone Hand Engraved Trelis Head Ring 9024TH/3
  • Three Stone Ring with diamonds in shank SPS68HD/3
  • Tree of Life Pin 6059
  • Trilliant Green Tourmaline Pendant (Hidden Bale)