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Hand Engraved 4303 Platinum Ring Three Stone Hand Engraved 9024/3 Three Stone Hand Engraved Ring 4303/3 Waterfountain Emerald and Diamond Pin Fire Opal Ring Engagement Ring 8041 with 3 center stones 528PS LD Earrings Grossular Garnet Pendant Three Stone Hand Engraved  / Half Bezel 4392 6041pin 4303/3 18K yellow gold 3 stone ring with diamond center and ruby sides Oval Rubelite Tourmaline 8036 Ring Tree of Life Pin 6059 5105 Hand Engraved 9099A Platinum Engagement Ring Three Stone Ring with diamonds in shank SPS68HD/3 8046 two views 7051sp 8027A Platinum 5040 pin Three Stone Hand Engraved Trelis Head Ring 9024TH/3 American Pearl Lady 528S earrings Hand Engraved 8046 Halo Engagement Ring 5098 Pendant with amethyst and diamonds 4392/3 saphire and diamond  1/2 bezelset - 3stone ring with diamond mellee accented shank 6018S pin Hand Engraved 8047 Platinum Engagement Ring Engagement Ring 9068A Briolette Green Tourmaline 7047Earrings 9087 18k set with EC Rhodolite Garnet 8042 Hand Engraved 9037A Platinum Engagement Ring Hand Engraved 5010 Platinum Engagement Ring 8029 Platinum 4299/3 Platinum 3 stone ring with saphire center and diamod sides Round Honey Topaz 8006 ring Hand Engraved 4299/3 18K yellowgold 6018pin Briolette Green Tourmaline 7048Pendant 8030 Red Tourmaline Stick Pin Platinum Wedding set 9012 528S Pendant 9070 18K yelllowgold with .20tw diamonds and Oval Fancy Cut Peridot (2.54)center and 528PS Earring Three Stone Hand Engraved 9068/3 Hand Engraved 9017 Engagement Ring

Award Winning Jewelry: “Intricate Timeless Beauty with Everlasting Value.”

Owning one of these Magnificent Creations is “Investing in a Work of Art to be Cherished for Generations.”

Each Unique Piece is Created in Gold or Platinum using Vivid Rare Gemstones and Brilliant Diamonds. All of these Masterpieces are available in Fine Independent Jewelry Stores and Galleries across the country.